Textile Art


What does home feel like?

Piece shown at Sculpture in Context 2022 in the National Botanic Gardens Dublin.

This piece was made in response to the stories coming to us from the war in the Ukraine. I wanted it to represent the pain, to be visceral, to be felt.

I used the dissonance between the homely earthy slipper, that resonates with “cosy” and “safe” and the intense red of the exposed arteries and veins which resonates with life, but also with blood and violence.

However, what I’m really interested in, is the feeling people experience while looking at it. Either having read the title or not.


Felt, branches, thread and wire 

The last trace

Piece shown at the Endanger exhibition organised by Feltmakers Irelnd.

The inspiration for this piece is the patterned traces left in the sand by the Hawksbills Turtle,  one of many critically endangered species.  The turtle is also a synonym for slowness, a quality that our society has given a negative value. By using the slow process of felt making, this quality is celebrated. 


Wire and thread

Dancing threads


In Stitches