Winter fashion for the eco conscious. 

This felt design hat was individually crafted in Dublin, Ireland using the ancient art of felt making. 

The fibres I have used are Merino wool, which is very soft and comfortable against the skin, as well as durable.

Limited edition.

Like a lot of us now, I believe the fashion future is in sustainable, ethical, slow fashion.  Hand felting is, as well as a sustainable process, a process that invites us to slow down. Allowing time, hands on their own were able to create the alchemy, and transform fibres into felt just with the help of water and soap.

Sustainability has been a priority throughout  the process, from the sourcing of the fibres, the no waste policy, the choice of labels, packaging etc. 

I would be delighted to answer any question about my sustainability story.

brown and blue- Brook

Brook – Brown with blue

Medium size